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Pawdawan Puppy Course

Is your adorable puppy more of a mischievous troublemaker, than the angelic companion you envisioned?

Are you worried that your furry friend will never grasp proper behaviour?

Maybe your puppy is the timid type, shrinking away from others, lacking confidence, and leaving you concerned about her future.

Fear not help is at hand...

Introducing the Pawdawan Puppy Course

your ultimate solution for conquering puppy-raising challenges.

Harnessing cutting-edge reward-based training methods, engaging interactive games, and the magic of play, I am here to guide you in turning your delinquent tearaway pup into your ideal canine companion.

Together, we'll forge an unbreakable bond and an extraordinary relationship with your pup, with training firmly rooted in the power of choice.

The Pawdawan Puppy course is tailored for pups who've completed their vaccinations and are under 24 weeks old.

Act fast – each class is limited to 4 puppies and handlers.

Experience the innovative Fun | Focus | Play® technique first hand, as you and your pup embark on an exciting, informative learning journey.

Throughout the Pawdawan Puppy course, we'll cover:

  • Boosting your puppy's self-assurance, empowering her to tackle any situation.

  • Establishing a rock-solid recall, granting you the joy of off-leash adventures with unwavering trust.

  • Bidding farewell to pulling struggles, ensuring serene, painless walks alongside your pup.

  • Mastering the art of greetings, leaving behind the days of embarrassment from your exuberant, bouncy pup.

  • Crafting comfort in grooming and handling, making vet visits and pampering sessions a delight.

  • Cultivating a settled demeanor at home and beyond, so you can relish social gatherings stress-free.

  • Nurturing impulse control, redirecting your pup's focus from fleeting distractions to you.

Unearth vital life skills that will mould your puppy into a self-assured, well-rounded member of society.

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with Puppy Specialist Natasja Lewis!


Join us in this course to not only develop your pup's skills but also forge an everlasting bond that'll make your journey together truly unforgettable.

What Our Customers Are Saying...

Having attended traditional puppy classes with previous dogs I was looking for a trainer who only takes small groups of pups.

My Border Collie pup, Lacey, has enjoyed attending the puppy classes as Natasja uses reward based methods with food, play and toys. This means that the class remains generally quiet with the pups being relaxed and interested.

I can't recommend Natasja enough for any new puppy owners.

-   Mrs P Griffin

Natasja has an Excellent understanding and knowledge of fun, focused dog training.

My Setter is the first puppy I’ve had that I have achieved a good walk with slack lead, and recall with.

I highly recommend Natasja.

-   Mrs C LeDuc

Laine is my 4th puppy and many people think that you should know what you are doing when it is your 4th, but you don’t.

She is so calm and confident after both the puppy and junior classes and loves to learn. To have a one year Chessie that stops dead on the whistle retrieves everything and has a recall to die for is a delight.

I can thoroughly recommend training with Natasja because it is fun and dogs love it – I have taken some of the games home to the other dogs, and even my 11-year-old thinks it is fun and is more responsive.”

- Jo Nash

Dorset's Puppy Training Specialist

As a highly dedicated and award winning dog trainer, I specialise in
empowering new puppy owners to build lifelong connections with their furry companions
through my unique Fun | Focus | Play® approach."

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What You'll Receive:

Immediate life-time access to our online puppy course

All our puppy courses are supported by a full online library of instructional dog training videos, designed to help you train at home between lessons.

Weekly Handouts

As well as the instructional training videos of each of the exercises covered on the course you will also receive a weekly handout that delves deep into the how and why, helping you gain a better understanding of your dogs behaviour

Exclusive Welcome Pack

As a thank you for stepping up and making sure your puppy get the best start in life I have put together a special welcome pack just for you. This welcome pack is valued at £25 and contains a complimentary copy of my "No Pulling Allowed" book as well as a selection of natural training treats and chews, a clicker and motivational toy for your pup.

What are you waiting for

Natasja Lewis DipCABT

In 1994, my fascination with dog training ignited as I welcomed Dali, a Shetland Sheepdog, into our family. The challenges we faced birthed my passion for canine behaviour, propelling me to refine my skills through intensive study, workshops, and a deep understanding of training methodologies.

Central to my approach is the revolutionary Fun | Focus | Play® method. Unlike traditional techniques, it forges a joyful partnership, aligning with the latest in canine behavior science. Beyond being a skilled trainer, I'm also an author, my books "No Pulling Allowed" and "Dogz Thinkz Differentz," unveiling innovative perspectives on training.

What sets me apart is not only my years of experience and knowledge, but the ethos of choice and collaboration that defines my training. Our journey together isn't just about training your pup; it's about fostering a profound bond, understanding, and confidence, allowing you to navigate the complexities of dog ownership seamlessly. Let's sculpt a harmonious connection that transcends the ordinary – reach out today to unlock your dog's true potential.

Training Venue:

Milborne St Andrew Sports Ground, Lane End, Milborne St Andrew, Dorset DT11 0JA

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