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Behavioural Consultations

Is your dog's behaviour causing stress and uncertainty in your life?

Are your outings with your dog turning into stressful or embarrassing experiences, with your dog reacting aggressively or anxiously to other dogs, people, or situations?

Is your furry friend struggling with anxiety, fear, aggression, or reactivity, making you feel overwhelmed and unsure about how to help them?

The Behavioural Consultation

Transform your dog's chaotic behaviour into Calm and Confident companionship with The Behavioral Assessments and Consultations.

Does your dog snarl, bark and lunge at every person or dog he sees? It is frustrating,
distressing and even embarrassing when your dog behaves like that every time they see another dog or person. Your dog gets labelled as being aggressive and out of control and the whole town start talking about you and your dog behind your back, you can feel the stares of judgment on your back as you drag your barking and lunging dog past, ashamed of your dog’s behaviour.

You start walking your dog in the middle of the night just to avoid the gossip and stares.

Dogs bark and lunge for a variety of reasons. I see many dogs that are simply not comfortable around other dogs, frightened and just want other dogs to go away and leave them alone.
I see dogs that bark at other dogs when they are on a lead, because they are frustrated that they just go and can’t go and say “Hi”.

Whatever the reason for your dog’s behaviour, I have developed my Triple C Training Programme to help you turn your reactive dog in to a confident & calm canine. Access To the Triple C Training Programme is available after a Behavioural Consultation. This consultation will help me determine the reason for your dog’s behaviour .

What to expect from a Behavioural Consultation

Consultations are pre-booked appointments, lasting approx 2 hours, that usually are carried out in the comfort of your home.

During the consultation it is preferable that the whole family is present. I will take a full history of the problem you are experiencing and assess your pet’s behaviour. When carrying out a Behavioural Consultation I consider the whole dog and don’t just look at the problem behaviour as a stand alone issue.

My consultations will take into account your dog’s emotions, their day to day life style, diet and exercise regime. During the consultation I will follow a consistent approach which is called HMERA. HMERA stands for Hedonic Budget, Mood State, Emotional and Reinforcement Analysis.

This approach allows me to analyse how your dog feels on a day to day basis – this includes a look at your and your dog’s life-style .

Whether your dog’s emotional and physical needs are being met on a day to day basis.

Determine how your pet feels when the problematic situation occurs and what we need to do to improve the situation.

and looks at why your dog is continuing to do the problematic behaviour.

Each Assessment is broken down into 3 distinct steps.

Step 1: Fact Finding

I start by sitting down with you and taking you through a series of questions that are designed to help me understand your concerns and expectations. Your insights are invaluable in helping me understand the issues you and your dog are struggling with.

In addition we will discuss your dog’s daily routine and analyse whether all the emotional and physical needs of your dog are being met. The information you provide during this part of the process will help me tailor my approach to your unique situation. No two dogs are the same, and your dog deserves a customized plan that will guide you towards your goals.

Step 2: Observation

During our assessment, we'll closely observe your dog's reactions and behaviours, allowing me to pinpoint the underlying causes of the behavioural problems. As a qualified Behaviourist I am skilled in recognizing the subtle signals that often precede unwanted behaviours. I'll help you understand what's triggering your dog and develop a clearer picture of the root problems.

Your dog's behavioural problems may stem from anxiety, fear, past experiences, or other factors. I will assess how your dog feels when he is engaged in the problem behaviour and I will also analyse what is maintaining the behaviour. This means that I will be looking at what your dog finds rewarding in the behaviour. The observation phase is a crucial part of the consultation process, enabling me to create a tailored plan that addresses the unique needs of your dog.

Step 3: Management Recommendations

Once we've gathered essential information about your dog, it's time for the third and final step: offering concrete management recommendations. I'll provide you with a comprehensive plan designed to help your dog cope with their reactive tendencies effectively.

This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Putting safeguarding measures in place, depending on the problem this may include muzzle training, setting up a gated community or using crates to keep members of the family safe etc.

  • Reduce your dog’s exposure to those things that cause the behavioural problem.

  • Consider whether medication is required to help us rehabilitate your dog. This will be decided in consultation with your vet.

The goal of this initial session is to empower you with the knowledge and strategies needed to manage and improve your dog's behaviour. I'll share insights into effective training techniques and suggest actionable steps that will lead to positive changes in your dog's life. You'll gain a better understanding of how to respond to your dog's behaviour and help them become a happier, more confident companion.

This is your chance to turn the page and start a new chapter in your dog's life. Say goodbye to stress and uncertainty, and welcome a more peaceful future with your beloved pet.

Book your Behaviour Consultation today, and let's take the first step toward a happier, more harmonious relationship with your dog.

What happens after The Behavioural Consultation?

Once the initial behavioural consultation has been completed I will compile a report of my findings and then work out a Behavioural Modification Plan to assist in the rehabilitation of your dog. Depending on the Behavioural Consulation chosen, you will either receive a summary report and my initial recommendations or a full behavioural report and modification training plan. If needed I will speak to your vet about any behavioural medication that we can try to reduce anxiety and improve your dog’s ability to learn the alternate behaviours we will be teaching as part of the rehabilitation programme.

I will normally get the full in-depth report, including your rehabilitation training plan to you in 7 to 10 days from our consultation. A shorter summary of the behavioural report will be sent to your vet for their records.

Further help will be available after this initial consultation in the form of additional in person Behaviour Rehabilitation Sessions, where I attend your home and help you implement the Rehabilitation programme and teach you the techniques needed to retrain your dog. These follow on sessions will also be used to make any adjustments to the rehabilitation/ training plan when needed.

You will have full email support for one month following your basic behavioural consultation or for 2 months after the full behavioural consultation package.

I can also help with other behavioural problems, including but not limited to Separation Related Disorders, Excessive Barking, Puppy Biting, Destructive Behaviours and Resource Guarding.

Qualified Canine Behaviourist

Specialising in anxiety and reactivity in dogs.

As a highly dedicated and award winning dog trainer and qualified behaviourist, I specialise in
empowering dog owners to build lifelong connections with their furry companions
through my unique Fun | Focus | Play® approach."

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Natasja Lewis DipCABT

In 1994, my fascination with dog training ignited as I welcomed Dali, a Shetland Sheepdog, into our family. The challenges we faced birthed my passion for canine behaviour, propelling me to refine my skills through intensive study, workshops, and a deep understanding of training methodologies.

Central to my approach is the revolutionary Fun | Focus | Play® method. Unlike traditional techniques, it forges a joyful partnership, aligning with the latest in canine behavior science. Beyond being a skilled trainer, I'm also an author, my books "No Pulling Allowed" and "Dogz Thinkz Differentz," unveiling innovative perspectives on training.

What sets me apart is not only my years of experience and knowledge, but the ethos of choice and collaboration that defines my training. Our journey together isn't just about training your pup; it's about fostering a profound bond, understanding, and confidence, allowing you to navigate the complexities of dog ownership seamlessly. Let's sculpt a harmonious connection that transcends the ordinary – reach out today to unlock your dog's true potential.

Training Venue:

Milborne St Andrew Sports Ground, Lane End, Milborne St Andrew, Dorset DT11 0JA

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